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As part of fontaine b.


Middle Plane Magazine Issue 1


Published June 2019

Guest Artist: Vadim Zakharov

Curation: Gabriela Anco and Chiara Valci Mazzara for fontaine b.

Contributors: Mark Peckmezian, Charlie Engman, Peter Puklus, Udo Kittelmann, Tim Gutt, David Elliot.


208 pp, 22 × 28 cm, softcover, 2019.



Vadim Zakharov for Middle Plane

Issue 1 of Middle Plane Magazine invites Vadim Zakharov as the main Guest Artist, the publication is curated by fontaine b.. 

The issue revolves around Vadim Zakharov’s view of the academic, intellectual, artistic, creative and fashion worlds. As one of the founders of the Moscow conceptualism movements, Zakharov continued his artistic activity centered around a critical and analytical perspective, utilizing symbolism and multi-layered meaning structures. In conjunction with Middle Plane’s manifesto, the artist, the curators and the editors conceived a radical composition of unpublished works of Zakharov, newly conceived text by major critics, curators, theologists as well as specially developed ongoing projects viewed and styled from a fashion perspective through exclusive editorials. 

The fil rouge of the issue is Vadim Zakharov’s performance and borrowed alter ego of the Pastor, a character which the artist embodied since 1994 until 2006, travelling the world wearing Pastor’s clothing and documenting the experiences and encounters. Yet this aspect opposes an element which is present in Zakharov’s work: the piracy. Acting as a hidden weapon in our society, as an act of coercion, affliction upon the informations, actions and ideas, piracy counterparts ideology, insisting upon free will, and the abolishment of rules.

Middle Plane Magazine straddles the creative worlds of visual art and fashion. It is an entirely new proposition within the magazine landscape. Each issue features a guest artist who is a significant figure on the international art stage. Further, each of these influential artists stands out for the strong aesthetic and marked elegance of their artistic practice. 
The inclusion of the guest artists as an inseparable part of each editorial is a hitherto unexplored approach in magazine publishing. Each issue thus becomes a complete and unbroken experience that communicates the guest artists’ thoughts and ideas on matters ranging from the imaginative and literary to the personal.