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As part of fontaine b.


Images in order:

1. Zhang Huan, “Foam”, 1998, C-print, 15 works 152.4×101.6cm each

2. Cao Fei, “RMB City”, 2007, interactive multimedia installation

3. Ding Yi, “Appearances of crosses (triptych), 2001, acrylic on tartan, 3rd of 3 works (260x140cm) 

4. He An, An instant of my purity is worth a lifetime of your lies, Installation, Lightbox and LED Lights , 120 x 120 x 10 cm 2014 

5. Xue Song, “Bamboo”, 2013, 7 screen video installation 

6. Xu Tan, “Uniform velocity”, 1992, mixed media installation 


Photo © dslcollection

dslcollection MANIFESTO

Commissioned by DSL Collection, fontaine b. (Gabriela Anco, Chiara Valci Mazzara) is charged of defining, conceiving and producing the DSL Collection Manifesto. Circling around the core missions of DSL Collection, such as the deconsecration of art, the building of a community, the flux of ideas, the Zeitgeist, the Manifesto will be projected through a series of texts, videos, interviews, algorithms. We will gather like-minded individuals to discuss and portray a new vision in the art world.
This Manifesto is a statement, a tool, a way to discover a new perspective.
This Manifesto is a body of content that will initiate a wider communication with the public : a communication that will take shape through the act of producing, sending and sharing different content each month in order to explain and deepen the mission of DSL Collection.
This Manifesto aims to flip the perception of art, deconstructing the old and inspiring a new vision and sensitivity. The act of collecting and the value of the collection, initiating an immediate transformation, are guiding the viewer to seeing new meanings. Intending to counter the public’s present short attention span, the Manifesto suggests a new approach/vision/inspiration conceived to direct this ephemeral moment to a profound understanding.
Using new tools and media as catalysts and above all, allowing accessibility to the collection and its meanings, the art works and its references, the Manifesto follows the Collection in valuing interactive and participatory approaches and refining the traditional and crystallized relationships between art and its audience.
  2. READ THE TEXT “DECONSECRATING ART“. To read the dslmagazine version — click here.