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As part of Zona Dynamic


24 January 2016




Lychener Str. 60

10437 Berlin, Germany

FILTER III - Move nimbly with light rapid steps 2016

A collaboration initiated by Jessica Ekomane with Mélodie Fenez and Silje Nes.
FILTER is a new series on conceptual sound art by Zona Dynamic. Each edition is a temporary collaboration between 3 artists channeled into a one-night sound scene.
“Move nimbly with light rapid steps” is a reactive sound installation – a territory of permanent feedback, a state of perpetual tension and saturation.
The audience enters the room as a disruptive element. Each move is captured and amplified, thereby creating a signal that both nurtures and impedes the feedback loop.
When the crowd as a whole ceases to create movement, the feedback returns to its original form. Each member of the audience holds an equal influence on the regulation of the feedback loop, which makes them part of a collaborative process and a collective effort to resist instability.