Practical Information

– conception, project management, production –


As part of Zona Dynamic


04 July – 10 July 2015



Plateau Gallery

Greenhouse Berlin

Gottlieb-Dunkel Str. 43-44

Berlin, Germany

PALA FRUITS - Hierarchy of Perception

PALA FRUITS – Hierarchy of Perception was a 7 day laboratory for artists to collaborate, analyse and create site-specific installations investigating the hierarchy of our perception. A platform for experimental inter-media artworks presenting a new order of sensation and dialogue with the viewer. An open symposium for exchange, development and artistic action – the process becomes exhibition.
“Pala” is the name of the isle in Aldous Huxley’s utopia “Island“. It is the “illustration (of) what could be done in a community if it were built on the premise of ‘goodness politics’ instead of power politics”. 
Pala Fruits _ The Laboratory aims to mirror through the process of collaboration these inner dynamics while insisting upon the rights of the individual for self-discovery, self-awareness, and self-satisfaction.
Pala Fruits _ Hierarchy of Perception was conceived on the premises that our individual perception of the world arises from a selective process. Of the multitude of events happening around us at one time, we perceived only a small fraction. All stimuli being upon perception processed, digested, hierarchized and categorized into a selected array of influxes fitting to the diverging necessities of our personas, moods or survival. The preconceived and pre-established perception we have of the world.
As much as a memory is in fact being recreated and transformed, reinterpreted, with each recollection, perception is neither absolute nor truthful. It is partial – in both meaning of the word. An incomplete and biased picture of the world, filtered and rendered non-threatening, adapted to the necessities of our selves.
The intent is here to demonstrate, replicate and perhaps also deknit or unweave the mechanisms of our perception. Both in form, as a collaborative laboratory, and content, by showcasing projects rooted in the phenomenology of our perception, which either explore, mimic, reflect or attempt to break through its machinery – and how they can shape any human society.
Yan Gi Cheng & Trami Nguyen 
Giorgos Gerontides & Dimitris Ameladiotis 
Fellipe Vergani & Yotaro Niwa 
Eliza Goldox & Vincent Chomaz
Akeelah Bertram & Stanley Giacomo Quaia
You Kim & Maxmilian Fedyk
Cristina Maldonado & Wolfgang Kick
Daniela Calandra & Angela Kaisers 
Wissam Khaled & Holger Heissmeyer