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As part of fontaine b.


17-19 November 2017 




Artist to Artist – Maria and Vadim Zakharov



Photo: © Daniel Zakharov

Intuition to fill Emptiness or / oder Nichts noch Lebt

Joseph Beuys started his performance “Intuition” in 1968. Ever since, more than 12,000 copies of this plain A4-sized wooden box were made and sold by the artist himself for the price of 8 Deutschmark. Beuys created each drawing individually, two pencil strokes and the handwritten slogan “Intuition”. Establishing a dialogue with the viewer who became the owner, and who would know intuitively what the use of the object was. 1968 was a key year in the political realm, this performance spoke out against the materialism and social injustice. 
The exhibition aims to continue the above artistic discourse through the original relics alongside other works from Joseph Beuys, in complementary exchange with works of contemporary artists.
Artists in reference
Luca Gioacchino Di Bernardo, Mia Gourvitch, Hans Peter Kuhn, Sebastian Kusenberg, Milovan Markovic, Jacopo Rinaldi, Henrik Strömberg, Vadim Zakharov
Friday – 17.11.2017 – 18.00 to 22.00
Saturday – 18.11.2017 – 15.00 to 18.00
Sunday – 19.11.2017 – 14.00 to 18.00
Chiara Valci Mazzara, Gabriela Anco for fontaine b. 
and Vadim Zakharov
Please join us on Friday November 17th for an opening night aperitif, on Saturday November 18th for a private viewing and Sunday November 19th for an intimate coffee and cake get-together.