Practical Information

– project management, production – 


As part of Zona Dynamic


17 September 2016

6pm – 10 pm performance, installation running

from 10 pm after party



Greenhouse Berlin

Gottlieb Dunkel Straße 43-44

12099 Berlin, Germany


Photo: © Zona Dynamic

FILTER VI - AMALGAMA - A Collective Sound Action

GREENHOUSE Berlin 8th floor Gallery hosted the 6th edition of the FILTER – Sound Art Series : AMALGAMA .
AMALGAMA is a multi-media sound art jam session, a unified field including the creative voices of 14 artists, sharing a floor and a volume creating a collaborative, abstract, non- tangible sound installation.
A happening in an open unique space surrounded but continuous circular sun-and-moonlight.
„ Hello there! Who are you? I can hear us“. 
By refilling the silence between us, we are fostering the point of a common sense and a state of unity. FILTER VI focuses on the specifically human perspective on the absence of consens amongst us. Humanity seems to have always questioned itself about the idea of a unified existence – from Carl Jung’s Collective Unconscious theory, to Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s Collective Consciousness. What is individuality in the grand scheme of our species? 
AMALGAMA is a fragile, and yet durable machinery, a cloud reflecting the new era state of mind. Breeding through a digitalized system, advancing like a cyborg – a collector of post human thoughts, the sound of action will create a dramatic landscape picturing the search for the human “us” in a post human world of induced egotistic thoughts and power.
* Roberto Becerra
* Eiliyas
* Eliza Goldox
* Alan Gleeson
* Holger Heissmeyer
* Kohshi Kamata
* Infinite Livez
* Bethan Lloyd
* Yotaro Niwa 
* B.P. Schuett
* Fiona Valentine Thomann
* Benjamin Whitehill
* Willis Anne